Gwen Bryson

Gwen Bryson, aka Lady Home Finder !! 
Gwen loves a challenge ! 
At the tender age of 21 she built her own home, subcontracting the work, and helping with labour were there was an opportunity to be hands on, and save some money. Pulling wire through wall with the electrician, helping get bricks with the masonry contractor, insulating walls,  and shingling the roof, was the start of her interest in the home industry. 
In 1997 Gwen wrote her real estate exams and entered the industry, with enthusiasm. After 2 years, she was doing over 85% referral business as a result of her attention to customer service and sincere desire to help others get ahead with a great investment, and value for their money. 
"I wouldn't want anyone to do anything I wouldn't do myself, when buying or selling " the golden rule has served her well. 
Gwen's life has been full of experiences, she has been in sales in all home aspects from foundation repair and basement renovations, furnaces and air conditioners, windows and doors, to roof top shingle replacement! 
 In addition to this, Gwen has coached children and adults in sport for over 25 years, encouraging people with personal growth and support. 
As a volunteer at  " New Journey Housing " she volunteers her time to help educate new Canadians about what to watch out for when purchasing a home. Her construction and foundation knowledge help people keep a keen eye out for a good sound purchase. 
"The most rewarding part of my career has been making friendships along the way. Real estate sales and service is about trust, and trust builds lasting friendships " 
Check out and see what Gwen can help you with in your search for your perfect home.