Jennifer Okaluk




I'm a Winnipeg girl through and through.

Growing up in a family who owned their own very successful business taught me the value and pride of hard work.  It's not hard work when you love what you do!

The values and beliefs instilled in me as a child have carried me throughout my life.  I will never compromise my integrity or that of my clients just to get the job done.

I have been married for over 30 years and we have 2 wonderful, grown daughters and a new son-in-law.  My family is the joy of my life and now that I can look at my grown daughters, I can see a 'job well done'.

The longevity and success in my 17 year real estate career is directly related to my dedication to helping others attain a great life.  I like to think that I touch my clients and customers in all areas of their lives, but I realize it's their home that I focus on most, as I am their REALTOR® first.

I would be honored to be your REALTOR® and as you read through some of my clients testimonials you will hopefully trust that you will be able to say "A Job Well Done" as well.

Please call me at 771-0981 or email me at